Don't show up to our Thanksgiving dinner with green jello, marshmallow fluff or cranberry sauce from a can. Owner Jason Mardell has had a passion for food his whole life, and some of the recipes he uses today are inspired by his grandma, Alta Osborne, including her famous potato salad at the Corner Station Deli.

In 2014, Jason and his family moved from the city back to his roots in small-town Fairview and saw the need for fresh options when dining out. There's nothing wrong with a little ice-berg lettuce, but when they realized fresh salads and sandwiches were hard to come by, they saw a big opportunity to serve the community while also contributing to the restoration of Main Street commerce.

Thanks to the support of Katie and Phil Shell, the previous owners of the Corner Station Deli, which used to be Reece’s Service Station in 1921, we were able to remodel the building into what you see today. To read more about the original history of the building, go here.

Our family isn't just about good food. We also care about hard work and teach our kids the value of being vested in something you really care about, no matter how much work it takes to get where you're going. They all pitched in to get the deli and Co-op in working order, and continue to help and work with us today. When you dine at one of our establishments, you are supporting local business and local family.

As word got out about the delicious food at the Corner Station Deli, the Mardell family was invited to open a second location in Spring City's Historic District, known as Roots 89 Grill in 2019. The building is a 100-year old Soda Fountain and Mercantile with a wonderful ambiance and history.  It was owned by Jason’s family back when it was Pratt Osborne’s Mercantile and before that when it was Edgar Allred’s Drug Store. We love bringing these historic buildings back to life, as well as cultivating community and gathering around good food. 

Many have asked over the years: Where are you from? In Sanpete County, we all know what that means? Who are you from? (In case you don’t know and are curious,) Jason has deep roots along Highway 89 - hence why our Grill is called "Roots 89". From his 4th Great Grandfather, James Tillman Sanford Allred, who founded Spring City, to his Grandma Alta Osborne and Grandpa Gardell Osborne who made their home on the Canyon Road in Fairview to the many cousins, aunts and uncles spread throughout Sanpete County.

In simple terms, we love what we do. When we get compliments about our food and hear from customers who love coming in to reminisce about old times they spent in these buildings, it makes the never-ending job of running our restaurants worth it. We are proud of what we do and bring to our community and thank our customers for their continued support as we continue growing Mardell Kitchen for years to come.